Updated February 23, 2012 

BC Science 10 Home Version eBook

What is the Home Version eBook of BC Science 10?

To provide the ultimate in flexibility and function, the Home Version eBook provides users of BC Science 10 with the ability to download the BC Science 10 text in Adobe pdf form, section by section. This allows students, teachers and parents to easily access the textbook from any location.

What are the features of the Home Version eBook?

In addition to being an electronic version of the BC Science 10 text, the Home Version eBook will provide several other useful features. Choosing a section of the textbook presents the user with a Texbook Section Download, and section-specific extra resources.

The Home Version provides a variety of useful resources:

  • Study Note Templates to make note-taking more effective
  • Before Reading Activities to enhance reading comprehension
  • Workbook Files for extra practice
  • Supplementary Worksheets for students that require more practice
  • Check Your Understanding Questions and a Section Quiz to help assess understanding

How Do I Use the Home Version eBook?

Simple - after logging in to the Home Version, use the Table of Contents (that matches the BC Science 10 textbook) to click on the section you are interested in. All the relevant resources will appear for you in an easy-to-read list for downloading.

Home Version eBook

BC Science 10 Home Version is Password Protected

Access to Online Student Home Version E-book (with a minimum order of 30 print student texts), will be provided for a period of three years.

When you click to access the home version, you will be prompted for a User Name and Password.

If you have forgotten your login, visit the Contact page. DO NOT repeatedly guess at your login, as it could result in your access being blocked.

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